If suddenly your culinary fantasy is exhausted or you don’t have enough free time for cooking, GUSTÓ sauces will always help you out. With them, the simplest dishes take on a new flavor. And if you decide to treat your family and guests with homemade juicy burgers, lasagna or pizza, use GUSTÓ sauces and get ready to receive enthusiastic compliments. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to disclose the secret ingredient of your signature dish.

There is a dressing for every taste in the GUSTÓ sauce palette: with the aroma of cheese, mushrooms, sweet paprika, and smoked bacon. We use high-quality refined sunflower oil (of our own production) in our recipes and, thanks to it, all GUSTÓ sauces have a thick and oily texture. And the brightness of their tastes is acquired by adding dried vegetables, herbs, and a variety of natural spices into sauces’ recipes.

Take GUSTÓ sauces at a picnic and add them to cook pasta, risotto, sandwiches, or hot dogs. The variety of flavors of our sauces is a convenient way to experiment at home with instant recipes. Take GUSTÓ sauces, and involve children in the cooking processes, and you will enjoy a happy and funny family evening.

All sauces of the GUSTÓ product line are packed into the doy-packs of small volumes. It is a very convenient package for storage at home. And, it is a convenient option to choose your favorite sauce.

Buy all GUSTÓ sauces all at once, taste them and choose according to your desire and mood.

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