is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine producing mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and vegetable oil for its own trademarks “OLIS LTD”, “GUSTÓ” and “National Ukrainian Traditions”. Our products are fully certified, meet international quality standards, and have excellent quality and taste.

History Olis

Time-tested taste and quality

Mayonnaise by OLIS Ltd. appeared on the shelves of Ukrainian stores in 1992. At that time, the Company’s product range consisted of only a few varieties of sauce. Thanks to customer confidence and steady growth in demand, we were able to set a course for active development of the Company, expand the range and increase production volumes.

In 2004, another production site was opened – an oil processing plant in Vasylivka (Zaporizhzhia Region). The assortment of OLIS Ltd. was enriched first with sunflower oil, and later with mustard, various types of sauces and ketchups. Today we are also actively developing the grocery business.

Despite the fact that the plant in Vasylivka is currently under occupation, we have not stopped our development. In 2023, having gathered together our own experience, favorite tastes of Ukrainians and recipes that have been tested over the years, we created a trademark – National Ukrainian Traditions.

Distribution geography

All products of the OLIS LTD LLC are well known to Ukrainian customers and are represented in all the largest trade networks of the country.

Cooperation with retail chains

Velyka Kyshenia

Wide export opportunities

The products of OLIS Ltd. are well known to Ukrainians and are represented in all major retail chains in the country. In 2013, the Company entered the international market.

Today we export our products to more than 20 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Guinea, Italy, Qatar, Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Romania, the Netherlands, Tanzania, the United States, France, Sweden, and Israel.

The cooperation with partners from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is under negotiation.

Distribution of Olis products
Contract distributors with constant volumes of purchases
Negotiations and contracting
Under development

Our standards

The Company's significant achievements are due to the high internal standards that we have been adhering to for more than 30 years.

In 2015, we implemented and now maintain a high level of food safety management system and are constantly improving it. The Company is certified by an international company, a team of independent experts. The compliance with the standards is confirmed by annual audits. In 2023, the Company demonstrated excellent results in food safety, effective improvement of production processes, which is confirmed by the International Certificate ISO 22000:2018 “Food Safety Management System”.
International standards
The compliance of our production facilities with international standards is confirmed by:
  • ISO 22000:2018 “Certificate of Conformity to the Food Safety Management System”.
  • DSTU ISO 10012 “Certificate of Recognition of Technical Competence of Production Laboratory” 2023.
Modern technologies
We are constantly improving our production processes, updating our technological equipment fleet, automating and modernizing our Company. We cooperate with well-known manufacturers of packaging equipment - PAKONA, VOLPAK, KULP, SIDEL, which allows us to maintain the quality and taste properties of our products throughout the entire period of sale.
Well-thought-out logistics
OLIS Ltd. controls the quality at all stages of production - from laboratory tests of the ingredients that come to the warehouse to temperature conditions. For this purpose, we have created our own vehicle fleet. And now we are confident not only in the timeliness of deliveries, but also in compliance with all transportation conditions.
Traditional taste
We use only raw materials of Ukrainian origin in the production of mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. Our products are a combination of traditional and modern flavors, natural ingredients and convenient modern packaging. We are attentive to the end consumer’s opinion and are constantly working to improve our recipes.
FIRM "OLIS LTD" LLC is a participant in international exhibitions and conferences. The company's products were highly praised by experts at:
  • TUTTOFOOD – Italy, May 2019.
  • Riga Food – Latvia, September 2019.
  • ANUGA – Germany, 2019.
  • Gulfood – UAE, February 2020.
  • Gulfood – UAE, February 2021.
  • “Country Choice of 2023” “TOV FIRM “OLIS LTD”; TM “OLIS”, TM “GUSTO” - Best Sauce Producer” - the award was received as a result of expert evaluation of “Country Choice”, is the result of research of the author's program “Consumer Preferences” AR-FCE
  • “Country Choice of 2022” - winner in the nomination “OLIS Sauces - Breakthrough of Year 2022” - the award was received as a result of the expert evaluation of the Ukrainian Rating System of Awards.
  • Industry Leader of 2021 - gold in the rating of Ukrainian business enterprises compiled by the National Business Rating in Ukraine..
  • The National Award “Country Choice of 2019” is the result of an expert evaluation by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.
  • - Quality Star of 2018 - National rating of the quality of goods and services

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