To create the perfect GUSTÓ ketchup we have used our 30 years of experience in the production of sauces. The main ingredient of our sauces is — juicy sweet natural tomatoes, harvested in Ukrainian fields. Only natural spices are used in the recipes. Modern technologies and high-tech production equipment provide constant high quality and natural taste of our sauces. All customers know for sure: with GUSTÓ ketchup they will always cook a culinary masterpiece with a minimum of effort.

The products line of GUSTÓ ketchup is characterized by the natural and rich taste of tomatoes. But each recipe has its own, individual difference. In such a way, some of our customers will like the hottest Hot Pepper sauce, others — the piquancy of the Grill sauce, and those, who appreciate delicacy flavors — will apprize the Light ketchup.

Our technologists continue to work on developing new recipes to indulge our customers with new delicious tastes. Fragrant bouquets of spices in GUSTÓ ketchup will allow diversifying everyday menu or to vary the tastes of old, well-known recipes. Use GUSTÓ ketchup and sauces with baked potatoes and homemade pasta, to marinate meat and poultry, cook pizza and burgers, etc.

All sauces and ketchup are presented in small convenience doy-packs which makes the choice of the favorite sauces to be a convenient and thrifty process.

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