Tomato paste TM GUSTÓ

We developed the GUSTÓ tomato paste recipe for those customers who like experiments in cooking. With this product, customers are not limited by the tastes of ready-made sauces and will be able to create their culinary masterpieces by choosing spices by sole discretion.

This product does not contain preservatives and the stability of its formula is ensured by such a well-known ingredient as table salt, so, this tomato paste can be included in the diet menu or children’s menu.

GUSTÓ tomato paste is released in glass jars to retain its rich taste and pronounced tomato aroma. This sort of package is neutral (glass does not emit any substances and odors and does not change the taste characteristics of the product).

And for those consumers who need a small amount of paste, a stick-sachet package has been developed. Its volume is 70 grams of tomato paste and it is exactly the amount sufficient for cooking a portion of borscht for a large family, or for a fragrant roast, or a delicious meat marinade, or sauce for panini.

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