The product line of GUSTÓ mayonnaise sauces was developed by technologists with the principle of combining the rich taste of classic mayonnaise and the possibility of sufficient reduction of the calories intake in customer’s everyday ratio without excluding the mayonnaise from the menu. Thanks to such products as sause Light 40% and sause Fitness 15%, the customers can enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes with mayonnaise sauces and, at the same time, maintain a beautiful figure.

Another difference between GUSTÓ mayonnaise sauces and classic mayonnaise is their thinner consistency. GUSTÓ mayonnaise sauces are ideal for dressing salads, cooking sandwiches, or marinades for meat or fish.

The main ingredient of these mayonnaise sauces is a refined sunflower oil of our production. All GUSTÓ products comply with the international quality standard FSSC 22000, V 5.1., and can be safely included in the everyday family menu.

The product line of GUSTÓ mayonnaise sauces has a variety of packaging in order customers can choose a convenient variant for themselves. Phil-pack and chub-pack will allow enjoying favorite sauce without overpaying. Doy-packs (of different volumes) is the most convenient option if GUSTÓ mayonnaise sauce is always on your table. A classic glass jar reliably protects the taste and aroma of the product, and the capacity of a plastic bucket will be appreciated by the owners of cafes and restaurants.

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