Berries mashed with sugar are exactly the dessert among hundreds of various others in the real benefits of which do not doubt even nutritionists. Berries grounded with sugar is a delicacy familiar to each of us since childhood. GUSTÓ berries mashed with sugar products are really delicious and healthy desserts that can save your time for cooking.

We have collected the most delicious and healthy berries: fragrant currants, tender blueberries, tart cranberries, sweet raspberries. Ans we do not forget about the lemon — an indispensable product in the cold season. Natural fruits and barries are just simply mashed with sugar and pasteurized. Thanks to minimal heat treatment, all products retained their natural taste, aroma, and a whole complex of vitamins and minerals.

Berries mashed with sugar TM GUSTÓ has a jam-like consistency. That’s why all kids love them so much. You can serve berries as a ready-made dessert, or decorate sweet pancakes and cottage cheese casseroles with them. It is a wonderful idea to cook cocktails and fruit drinks with such a tasty ingredient or to add these sweet and aromatic mashed berries to cereals and pastries.

GUSTÓ berries mashed with sugar products are packed into small doy-packs which makes it very convenient to have a whole variety of healthy desserts on hand.

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