Thick, fragrant GUSTÓ jams are made for those with a love of sweet flavors. The compositions of the GUSTÓ delicacies do not contain artificial flavors, thickeners, or artificial colors. Thus, all GUSTÓ jams are cooked according to the traditional homemade recipes and can be safely included in the children’s menu.

Each GUSTÓ jam will find its admirer. Delicate, melt-in-the-mouth Blueberries jam is especially popular with children. Raspberry jam – is for those who expect a real explosion of taste and aroma from confiture. And if you like homemade cakes, you will surely appreciate the tart jam from ripe cranberries.

All GUSTÓ jams have the optimal consistency – neither thick nor liquid, and it is convenient to spread it on bread, croutons, or crispbread. Doy-pack package allows quick and easy fill muffins or shortbread baskets with jam, decorate cupcakes, etc.

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