GUSTÓ mayonnaises — delicious sauces that will inspire you to create new recipes. This is a real find for those who love to cook but, at the same time, are limited in time.

You will unmistakably recognize GUSTÓ mayonnaise by its mild taste and light aroma. It has a delicate and subtle taste of a masterpiece of French cuisine. Dress salad with GUSTÓ mayonnaise, spread it on a canapé, add it to a marinade for meat or fish — its balanced taste will brighten any dish.

Refined sunflower oil of our production, fresh egg yolks, and fragrant mustard — are used to make GUSTÓ mayonnaise. The secret to the perfect consistency of our sauces is the modern high-tech production line of the world-famous Swedish company Alfa Laval.

Mayonnaise can be purchased in packaging that suits your needs. The sauce is manufactured in different packages: economical fill-packs and chub-packs, modern doy-packs, and classic glass jars. For HoReCa companies, the packaging of GUSTÓ mayonnaise in plastic buckets has been specially developed.

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