The GUSTÓ tomato sauce product line is a new interpretation of classic dressing recipes. We are sure that our culinary finds will find their admirers and will be a good helper in culinary experiments

We manufacture GUSTÓ tomato sauce products with ripe, juicy tomatoes, and, because of this, our tomato sauces have rich natural color and fresh aroma. Please feel free to include GUSTÓ tomato sauces in your daily diet as these products are free of artificial additives and have low-calorie content.

We have tried to make the range of GUSTÓ tomato sauces as diverse as possible so that you can easily find your favorite taste. For admirers of smoky notes — BBQ sauce was created, for connoisseurs of rich spicy bouquets — Satsebeli, for tender, slightly shading of the taste of the finished dish — choose Krasnodarsky and Margarita sauces.

We manufacture these sauces in small convenient doy-packs. The glass jar package is also available, and it is the most environmentally friendly packaging that retains the taste and aroma of tomato seasoning for a long time.

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