GUSTÓ Hot Pepper Ketchup

GUSTÓ Hot Pepper Ketchup

GUSTÓ Hot Pepper is the ketchup that will not leave anyone indifferent. The taste of this sauce is revealed gradually. First — you enjoy the tenderness of the tomatoes, and then — you are covered by a burning wave of hot chili peppers. The aftertaste is characterized by fresh tomato sourness.

Hot Pepper ketchup goes well with grilled dishes: steaks, sausages, fried ribs, baked vegetables, etc. And it is an obligatory ingredient of the majority of dishes of Mexican and Indian cuisines. Please, carefully taste it before cooking (to use the exact quantity of the hotness you need — it is the hottest sauce in the sauces products line).

Package type:

  • doy-pack

Available weight:

  • 250 g
GUSTÓ Hot Pepper Ketchup - doy-pack

Package type:doy-pack

Available weight:250 g

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:6 mth

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