OLIS LLC actively develops its grocery product line (canned corn, peas, beans, etc). These are products of the everyday meal ratio. It is very convenient to have such products at home. Canned foods are very handy when unexpected guests or very short of time for cooking dinner or lunch had happened. Canned grocery products can be used for fast cooking of nutrition salad with beans or sweet corn, or for a tasty appetizer.

OLIS LLC uses fresh tomatoes, legumes, cereals grown in fertile Ukrainian fields. All products are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment. Each batch of the products undergoes enhanced control. The quality of the manufacturing process of all groceries TM OLIS is confirmed by annual audits and international certificates in compliance with the FSSC 22000 standards.

OLIS LLC constantly studies the needs and taste preferences of consumers and is working on improving recipes and products assortments. All customers of TM OLIS appreciate our products for their tasty and healthy features, which fits both: for adults and for children everyday meal ratio.

The grocery line TM OLIS is represented by vegetables canned in glass jars and in tin cans.

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