It is a well-known fact that dishes seasoned with sauce acquire a brighter taste and aroma. The harmonious combination of chopped vegetables, herbs, and spices awakens appetite and add new flavors to the daily diet. Tomato sauces TM OLIS are exactly those ingredients that will turn a familiar dish into a real culinary masterpiece.

Our recipes are proven over the years, but at the same time we’re constantly adding new products according to the modern food trends. Company interest in innovations and technology modernization helps to develop new quality and delicious products for different tastes.

Today the product line of tomato sauces TM OLIS includes sauces with delicate taste, pungent sauces and intensely spicy sauces. They can be a perfect addition to side dishes, meat, fish, cold and hot appetizers.

All our tomato sauces are made of the fresh Ukrainian tomatoes and due to this have the rich natural taste. Best of all they suit grilled dishes. For customers convenience, these sauces are manufactured in doy-pack or in glass-jar packaging.

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