OLIS sunflower oil is manufactured by OLIS LLC on its own modern production site (in Vasilyevka city, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine) with high-quality natural raw materials. That is why the company can guarantee the highest quality of sunflower oil TM OLIS.

All stages of technological processes of manufacturing refined deodorized sunflower oil (refining, bleaching, winterization, deodorization, etc) require in-depth knowledge of technologies. That is why OLIS LLC equipped its manufacturing facilities with the process lines of the most reliable supplier of separation equipment — Swedish company Alfa Laval.

A quality management system was implemented at the OLIS LLC enterprises. Qualified specialists control each stage of production. Annual audits constantly confirm the compliance of the quality systems of the manufacturing company and correspondence of the finished products TM OLIS with the Ukrainian and world food safety standards.

Pure and healthy product — sunflower oil TM OLIS — is convenient for home consumption, but also, it is wildly used in the mass production of sauces, canned foods, and baking. This product is the Number One choice among the HoReCa companies, which use OLIS sunflower oil for their cafes, restaurants, and pizzeria menus.

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