Jams TM OLIS — is a real finding for those, who adore fruit or berry delicacies, but do not have free time for cooking. These jams are made according to traditional recipes and, because of this, preserve all healthy properties of berries and fruits and their natural tastes, and aromas. All consumers of jams TM OLIS know that their tastes are the same as homemade products have.

Jams TM OLIS can be served with cookies, rolls, toast, crispy cerealbreads, pancakes, etc. They are the delicious and convenient toppings for homemade sweet pastries. True gourmets serve these jams with tea along with brie and camembert cheeses.

The product line of jams TM OLIS includes raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry jams. All of them are manufactured in a package (230 g), which is optimal for storage and consumption. The variety of this product line allows consumers to choose their favorite dessert according to individual tastes and moods.

As it is a well-known fact that all children love sweet jams, so all products TM OLIS do not contain artificial colors or flavors and can be freely included in the child’s diet.

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