The formula of ideal OLIS ketchup relies on three unchanging factors: sun-warmed, ripe, and sweet juicy tomatoes, natural spices, and the real devotion of our team to its work. Sauces of TM OLIS have repeatedly received awards at international exhibitions.

All our consumers appreciate our ketchup for their natural tomato taste with a slight, subtle sourness and for the absence of artificial flavors and colors in their recipes. Spices we are using in our ketchup are black pepper, paprika, mustard, and coriander. These ingredients give to our products its familiar spicy flavor, and the harmonious recipe verified to the gram allows flavor simple, everyday dishes with new aromas and tastes.

Low-calorie, moderately thick ketchup TM OLIS serves as an excellent addition to barbecue, baked fish and meat, potato garnish, etc. Our ketchup can be used both independently and as an ingredient in classic and original sauces and marinades.

The line of ketchup TM OLIS is constantly expanding, and we are working on improving the recipes, studying the wishes of consumers, and putting them into practice. Today we are ready to offer our customers ketchup of different hotness, with different bouquets of spices, in different packages (doy-packs — convenient for home usage, PET bottles and PET baskets — convenient for HoReCa companies).

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