There is nothing tastier than berries grated with sugar. It is a perfect topping for buns and toasts, a great fruit filling for pancakes and muffins, a perfect companion to ice cream, and just a delicious treat.

The line of pasteurized products TM OLIS includes grated/macerated blueberries, cranberries, currants, lemons, and raspberries and every customer can find a favorite taste in this variety. Besides, macerated berries or lemons can be used in the role of tasty ingredients of warming vitamin teas or refreshing drinks. They are also delicious dressing for oatmeal porridge, cottage cheese casseroles, and cheesecakes.

It is a well-known fact, that berries grated with sugar — are the healthiest sweets. The pasteurized product, which has undergone minimal heat treatment, retains the natural berry taste, rich aroma, and healthy vitamins and minerals.

Grated/macerated berries and lemons TM OLIS are completely natural products and do not contain dyes or synthetic preservatives (natural sugars and organic acids, contained in berries, perfectly perform these functions). Doy-pack is used for these products to make the delicacy convenient for storage and consumption.

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