It is not obligatory to be a professional cook to make an appetizing and delicious treat. An ordinary and simple side dish will taste quite differently when served with the right Sauce. Moreover, the tastes of some dishes are inseparably linked with appropriate aromatic seasoning (for example french fries, juicy sausages, sausages with a crispy crust, etc.).

The product line of sauces TM OLIS is constantly expanding. Nowadays it includes sauces with different spices, which are appropriate both for home-cooked meals and for picnics dishes. All sauces TM OLIS match well with stewed vegetables, fish, meat (boiled, fried, grilled), burgers or hot dogs, dumplings or curd-patties (vareniki).

Sauces are made of natural vegetables and fruits, spices, citrus fruits, and refined sunflower oil (manufactured by OLIS LTD). They are supplied in the universal doy-pack package for convenient transportation, storage, and consumption.

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