OLIS Green peas

OLIS Green peas

The pleasant olive-green color of canned peas TM OLIS confirms that fresh green peas for canning are used. Special soft breeds of green peas are used for preserves.

Canned green peas TM OLIS is an excellent ready-made garnish for meat dishes, a nutritious protein component of holiday and everyday salads. It is very convenient to add canned green peas to soups and vegetable stews.

Aquafaba (the liquid in which the green peas are canned), is a valuable product for vegans. It can be easily frothed and used instead of eggs in meringues and marshmallows recipes, in vegan ice cream or mayonnaise recipes as well.

Canned green peas TM OLIS are manufactured in glass jars and tin cans so customers can choose the most convenient packaging for their needs.

Package type:

  • tin can

Available weight:

  • 420 g
OLIS Green peas - tin can

Package type:tin can

Available weight:420 g

Рcs./box:12 pcs

Shelf life:2 y

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