Meatballs with sauce

Тефтелі під соусом
  • Minced pork — 0.6 kg
  • Rice — 100 g
  • Onions — 1 bulb
  • Sour cream mayonnaise TM OLIS — 250 g
  • Egg — 1 pc.
  • Garlic — 2-3 cloves
  • Hard cheese — 100 g
  • Water — 100 ml
  • Flour
  • Salt, ground black pepper — (to taste)
  • Vegetable oil TM OLIS — (to taste)
Step 1

Boil the rice until half cooked in salted water.

Step 2

I used pre-cooked minced meat. If you don't have minced meat, then take pork, twist it in a meat grinder along with onions.

Step 3

Salt minced meat to taste and add the egg. Stir.

Step 4

Add the cooled cooked rice. Stir.

Step 5

Put flour on the plate. Form the minced meat into round meatballs. Dip them in flour on all sides.

Step 6

Fry on both sides in a pan with vegetable oil until golden brown.

Step 7

Cover the roasting dish with foil. Put the prepared meatballs in one layer on it.

Step 8

Prepare a garlic sauce. To do this, take a few peeled garlic cloves and rub them on a fine grater (or use a garlic press).

Step 9

Add salt and ground black pepper (to taste).

Step 10

Add sour cream mayonnaise, and 100 ml of water to the grated garlic and mix everything until smooth.

Step 11

Taste for salt and add it, if necessary.

Step 12

Add the cooked garlic sauce into a roasting dish till it will cover the meatballs almost to their tops.

Step 13

Set to the oven for roasting (at 250 ℃ /482 °F) for 30 minutes. Rub the cheese on a grater.

Step 14

Remove the roasting dish with meatballs from the oven after 30 minutes and sprinkle the meatballs with grated cheese. Set the roasting dish in the oven again for 10 minutes.

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