OLIS Satsebeli Sauce

OLIS Satsebeli Sauce

Fragrant, moderately spicy OLIS Satsebeli Sauce is an obligatory attribute of Georgian feasts. The sauce is also made of juicy tomatoes with adding dried paprika, onions and garlic. A spicy aroma if this sauce is a result of the usage of the rich bouquet of spices and aromatic herbs, popular in Georgian cuisine: fenugreek, coriander, thyme, basil.

This sauce is the favorite spice of real gourmets. Its complex and rich taste harmoniously combines with meat and fresh vegetables. It as a tradition to serve OLIS Satsebeli Sauce with barbecue, kupat, cheese, khachapuri, etc. This sauce is indispensable for cooking kharcho soup and can be used as an aromatic marinade for meat.

Package type:

  • glass jar

Available weight:

  • 360 g
OLIS Satsebeli Sauce - glass jar

Package type:glass jar

Available weight:360 g

Рcs./box:12 pcs

Shelf life:6 mth

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