OLIS BBQ Sauce is a delicate natural plum puree combined with ripe juicy tomatoes and flavored with a delicate bouquet of spices and aromatic herbs. The classic recipe of American BBQ sauce was taken for the basis and a little bit adopted to the Ukrainian national traditional recipes. As a result, the product line of the tasty tomato sauces TM OLIS was replenished with one more popular product.

This thick, sweet tomato sauce with smoky aroma notes goes well with meat. It is very often used to serve with kebabs, steaks, grilled meat, burgers, and hot dogs.

Flavorful OLIS BBQ Sauce is also good as a marinade for beef, pork, turkey, or chicken. Its light smoky scent always evokes pleasant memories of summer outdoor recreation.

Package type:

  • doy-pack
  • PET

Available weight:

  • 180 g
OLIS BBQ Sauce - doy-pack

Package type:doy-pack

Available weight:180 g

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:6 mth

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