GUSTÓ BBQ Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ BBQ Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ BBQ Tomato Sauce is a famous sauce with centuries of history. It has many variations in the country of its origin (United States) and all over the world. GUSTÓ BBQ Tomato Sauce recipe joins the classic features of barbecue sauce with individual peculiar properties. The BBQ Tomato Sauce taste was developed based on the preferences of Ukrainian consumers.

The main ingredients of its recipe are tender plum puree and juicy pulp of ripe tomatoes. It differs from other barbecue sauces with a rich caramel taste and a light smoky aromaThai sauce is good in the role of marinade for red meat. And it is absolutely indispensable when serving fried ribs, barbecue, and ruddy steaks.

Package type:

  • doy-pack

Available weight:

  • 180 g
GUSTÓ BBQ Tomato Sauce - doy-pack

Package type:doy-pack

Available weight:180 g

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:6 mth

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