Summer vegetable salad with corn

Літній овочевий салат з кукурудзою
  • Cucumbers — 2 pcs.
  • Lettuce
  • Parsley
  • Canned corn TM OLIS
  • Mayonnaise TM OLIS
Step 1

Wash and dry greens and cucumbers.

Step 2

Throw canned canned canned corn on a sieve and wait till it drains.

Step 3

Separate the parsley leaves from the twigs.

Step 4

Tear lettuce leaves by hand.

Step 5

Cut the cucumbers into medium cubes.

Step 6

Put cucumbers, canned canned corn, greens into a salad bowl.

Step 7

Season the salad with mayonnaise and salt, and mix it gently.

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