OLIS Lecho Sauce

OLIS Lecho Sauce

The zest of the OLIS Lecho Sauce is its sweetish taste of bell pepper. It goes well with the flesh juicy tomatoes and advantageously complemented with a delicate bouquet of spices.

The classic recipe of the Hungarian dish OLIS Lecho Sauce was taken into the basis of this product. Best of all this sauce suits grilled or baked meat, pasta and potato dishes. Besides, it successfully can be used instead of tomato paste when preparing borscht or vegetable stew. With its help, everyday food will sparkle with new colors.

Its compact packaging is developed for convenient storing in home refrigerators, and for comfortable everyday usage of this product at home and outdoors.

Package type:

  • doy-pack

Available weight:

  • 250 g
OLIS Lecho Sauce - doy-pack

Package type:doy-pack

Available weight:250 g

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:8 mth

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