OLIS Do Shashlicku Ketchup

OLIS Do Shashlicku Ketchup

OLIS Do Shashlicku Ketchup — ketchup with a rich tomato flavor and a pleasant smoky aroma. It is made of fresh ripe juicy tomatoes and perfectly fits grilled meats and vegetables.

Its standard packaging is a light PET bottle with a cap and dispenser. It is a very convenient package for picnic events, and its volume guarantees that the sauce will not run out at the most inopportune moment.

A harmoniously selected bouquet of spices of this ketchup will add richness and aroma to dishes cooked in an oven or at a grill pan. OLIS Do Shashlicku Ketchup is good as a solo ready-to-eat sauce but, of course, it also can be used as a component of the original author sauces, with adding different aromatic herbs, garlic, spices into it.

Package type:

  • PET

Available weight:

  • 830 g
OLIS Do Shashlicku Ketchup - PET

Package type:PET

Available weight:830 g

Рcs./box:12 pcs

Shelf life:8 mth

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