GUSTÓ Soy Sauce

GUSTÓ Soy Sauce

GUSTÓ Soy Sauce is a product of the natural fermentation of soybeans. We cook this sauce based on traditional Japanese recipes but add the preferences of the Ukrainian consumers too. That is why GUSTÓ Soy Sauce is a moderately salty and moderately thick version of classic soy sauce.

GUSTÓ Soy Sauce is an indispensable ingredient in Asian soups and rice side dishes. But if not to limit the culinary imagination — this sauce can be a very appropriate ingredient of marinades for meat, fish, vegetables, salad dressings, hot meat, and fish snacks.

And, of course, this sauce is an indispensable ingredient of delicious sushi and rolls. The sauce in a 400 ml bottle is an ideal variant for home usage, meanwhile, the sauce in a liter PET plastic container is an ideal choice for cafes and sushi bars.

Package type:

  • PET

Available weight:

  • 460 ml
GUSTÓ Soy Sauce - PET

Package type:PET

Available weight:460 ml

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:12 mth

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