GUSTÓ Sweet&Sour (Krasnodarskiy) Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ Sweet&Sour (Krasnodarskiy) Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ Sweet & Sour Tomato Sauce (Krasnodarskiy) is manufactured in glass jar packaging, and it is a universal ingredient of plenty of well-known recipes. Its traditional recipe, based on tomato paste and applesauce, is widely regarded by many generations of Ukrainians. We just have brought the cooking technology of this sauce to perfection.

GUSTÓ Sweet & Sour Tomato Sauce (Krasnodarskiy) is made of ripe, freshly picked tomatoes. Pepper, cinnamon, cloves, dried onions, and garlic are added to its recipe to get a well-balanced taste and a pleasant recognizable aroma.

GUSTÓ Sweet & Sour Tomato Sauce will come in handy when cooking dressing for borscht, stuffing for cabbage rolls, meatballs, stewing meat, fish, or vegetables. But if you don’t have ketchup on hand, feel free to serve GUSTÓ Sweet&Sour Tomato Sauce with pasta, fried sausages, and juicy shish kebab — it will be a deserving substitution.

Package type:

  • glass jar

Available weight:

  • 360 g
GUSTÓ Sweet&Sour (Krasnodarskiy) Tomato Sauce - glass jar

Package type:glass jar

Available weight:360 g

Рcs./box:12 pcs

Shelf life:8 mth

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