GUSTÓ Margherita Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ Margherita Tomato Sauce

GUSTÓ Margherita Tomato Sauce was created for cooking homemade pizza. The classic combination of tomatoes and basil is great for any pizza's kinds and, actually, not only to pizza. Pasta with sauce, fried potatoes, and hot sandwiches are always delicious with GUSTÓ Margherita Tomato Sauce.

This sauce can be for sure called universal. Its taste harmonizes with meat and poultry, cheese, and vegetables. It will meet the expectations of both experienced chefs and those who like to experiment with the taste of ready-made dishes.

Package type:

  • doy-pack

Available weight:

  • 180 g
GUSTÓ Margherita Tomato Sauce - doy-pack

Package type:doy-pack

Available weight:180 g

Рcs./box:20 pcs

Shelf life:8 mth

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