Private Label

Private Label

LLC "Olis LTD" is engaged in the production of Private Label food products since 2010. The sale of goods under its own brand, produced on third-party facilities, provides an important competitive advantage.

Private Label - is one of the activities that we have been successfully developing since 2010. During this time, the extensive experience was acquired and cooperation with major Ukrainian and foreign trade networks was established. The sale of products under its own brand is one of the trends of modern retail.

Private label - is a brand belonging to a company that does not directly participate in the production of goods
manufactured under this brand. Goods under a private label are produced at the manufacturer's enterprise
but belong to the customer - the owner of the trademark.
We accompany the customer at all stages of production: from creating a recipe for the product and design of the package to its appearance on the shelves.
The client-oriented approach of the employees of the commercial department,
as well as the department of foreign economic activity,
will enable us to obtain high-quality products in the desired packaging under our own brand in the shortest possible time.


Cooperation under the Private Label scheme does not limit the influence of the brand owner on quality and pricing,
allows you to minimize costs and always have fresh products available.

Creating a unique product offer

Minimizing the cost of producing goods under its own brand

No need to organize your own production for short-term marketing projects

The possibility of producing diverse products under one brand

Private Label product line:

The company "Olis" provides you with a powerful production resource, top management and a modern quality management system and guarantee the production of highly marketable products.

We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation in the permanent and short-term projects.