Packing type

Sunflower oil

Refined sunflower oil, deodorized, frozen out brand P TM "Olis" passes several stages of cleaning, due to which it does not burn or oxidize. It is produced in PET bottles with a volume of 450, 870, 1000, 1800 and 3000 ml.
Refined sunflower oil, deodorized, frozen out - a high-quality product with an ideal degree of purification. Due to this, there are no impurities that promote burning and rapid oxidation.
Sunflower oil "Olis" is ideal for frying meat, fish and vegetables. It will help to create an appetizing ruddy crust. Used for cooking deep-fried dishes and as a dressing for salads.

Type of package Unit weight
PET bottle 5000 ml.
PET bottle 3000 ml.
PET bottle 1800 ml.
PET bottle 1000 ml.
PET bottle 870 ml.
PET bottle 450 ml.