Packing type


High-caloric mayonnaise "Table" 67% "Olis" has a bright and rich taste.

Mayonnaise " Stolovyiy" 67% "Olis" - a high-calorie product with a bright, rich taste. Gives a zest to any dish, while preserving all the vitamins and minerals. Used for cooking cold and hot snacks, as well as meat, fish and vegetable dishes.
Mayonnaise " Stolovyiy" 67% "Olis" - one of the most popular products in cooking. Without it, no holiday is enough. Modern technologies plus the original recipe allowed to preserve the familiar taste of classical mayonnaise.

Type of package Unit weight
Glass of the Bank 630 g.
Glass of the Bank 450 g.
Doy Pack 640 g.
Doy Pack 350 g.
Doy Pack 170 g.
Phil Pack 350 g.
Chab Pack 350 g.
Chab Pack 160 g.
Bucket 4500 g.
Bucket 800 g.