Packing type


Mayonnaise "Chudoviy" 50% TM Olis has excellent taste characteristics.
Mayonnaise "Chudoviy" 50% is made according to the classical recipe, has a balanced taste with a slight sourness and pleasant oiliness. Ideal for those who prefer low-fat food.
Mayonnaise "Chudoviy" 50% can be used for making any salads, sandwiches, cold and hot snacks. It will give an appetizing crust to meat and fish when baking. Its delicate taste, pleasant color and thick consistency will make any dish more spicy and give it an appetizing appearance.

Type of package Unit weight
Glass of the Bank 630 g.
Glass of the Bank 450 g.
Doy Pack 640 g.
Doy Pack 350 g.
Doy Pack 170 g.
Phil Pack 350 g.
Bucket 4500 g.